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The Ten Home Rules for Children

Help your children to memorize the ten home rules for children and use them as reminders when needed to help them to develop respect and discipline.

1) Be polite and thoughtful when speaking to others.

2) Always repsect your parents, teachers, and elders.

3) Be kind to your brothers and sisters.

4) Keep your room neat and tidy.

5) Keep your hair, teeth and body cleaned daily.

Rules continued...

6) Never interupt adult conversations.

7) Review, study, and finish your homework on time.

8) Ask your parents to arrange family time.

9) Join school activities.

10) Read a new book every month

Provind the right environment for children

Tae Kwon Do is always taught in an atmosphere of positive encouragement for all students regardless of age. Our program focuses on teaching basic fundamentals of self-defense and self- confidence. All classes use safe, fun, and exciting instruction methods and encourage students to actively participate in acheiving their goals!

Having rules in your home will help your children to become respectful towards themselves, and others.

Call today and start a new begining with your children. Start by teaching them the ten home rules today!


The bottom line...

Here are some helpful rules for children at home