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Ever wonder what each belt color meant?

White Belt: This is the first belt students will recieve. The white belt stands for "Beginners Birth, or Start".


Yellow Belt: The yellow belt is the second belt recieved. The yellow belt means "Clay, a symbol of the source of life, looking at the rudimentary stages, a revival of a sprout".

The Blue Belt

The blue belt is the colors of water, which is clean in the well. East point to the color of spring. Thawing leaves in the springtime after a wave of habit makes a habit of re-growth and step waves.

The Red Belt

The emotional effects are proactive and voracious and proactive. The behavior of the ripened stage.

Developing an understanding of the different color belts will help you to set goals you wish to achieve!

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The Black Belt

Tell me about the different colors of the belt